10 Original Tips and Tricks for Moving House: Keep Your Belongings Safe and Make the Packing Process Easier

10 Original Tips and Tricks for Moving House: Keep Your Belongings Safe and Make the Packing Process Easier

Moving house is a big deal. There is so much to do before moving day. The best way to approach moving is by planning ahead. There are several things you can do weeks before moving. Here are some tips from Aurora movers to make your move much smoother. Start packing things you don’t need. Start throwing out what you no longer use or wear. Donate the unwanted things to friends or charity.

Apart from these simple things, we have a few other tips and tricks to help you out. Moving can be very stressful. We hope these tips will help make it less so.

1. Make your own box handles. Cut handholds in two sides of boxes so you have a place to grip it.

2. Padding. Use all kinds of soft materials to pad your breakables. Anything from teddy bears, socks, towels, dish clothes, and scarves can be used.

3. Mark mirrors. Put a large masking tape X on your mirrors. This will help to absorb shock. Unfortunately, it will not prevent it from breaking.

4. Pack a ‘first night box’. This box should contain any items you will need for your first night in the new house. The most important items will be toiletries and basic kitchen things for making coffee.

5. Plate packing. Use paper or plastic plates to pad porcelain ones. This is quite clever as the paper plates are already in the right shape. Place a plastic plate between every set of porcelain ones.

6. Use paper bags for glasses. Instead of newspaper, use brown paper bags to pack your glasses and mugs. Another very clever trick. Place the glass or mug inside the bag and fold the sides to ball up inside the glass or mug.

7. Moving kit. Use a basket to put all your packing materials in. Scissors, string, tape, markers, labels, and cutters should all be kept in one place. This way you will not be looking all over for the scissors.

8. Protect your bed. Use fitted sheets to protect your mattress. Use one to fit the top and one to fit the bottom of the mattress. This will protect the mattress from dust and other dirt.

9. Lawn equipment. Make sure to drain the gas or oil from lawnmowers and other equipment. Gas and oil are flammable and can be very hazardous. Not something you want near all your precious belongings in the moving truck.

10. Bright labels. Print out labels ahead of moving day. Use some bright color labels so you can see them from across the room. Once a box is packed, just slap on the correct label and you’re ready to go. No looking for the marker in chaos.

These tips are very handy and I added a few that are new to me. The basic tips usually involve things like planning ahead, dismantling appliances, and taking pictures so you can put them back together properly. These are also important. I hope with these tips you will be able to streamline moving. Good luck and remember to breathe and smile every now and then.