The DIY Toolbox: Basic Tools to Get You Started on Your First Home Improvement Project

The DIY Toolbox: Basic Tools to Get You Started on Your First Home Improvement Project

Home improvement and DIY projects can be quite fun. It is also a cheaper option than hiring professionals for every small thing. You need some basic tools to get started. Once you have the essentials you can start improving. As you go and get more confident, you will need other tools. These you can add on to a basic starter kit.

Your basic home improvement toolbox needs the following:

Toolbox. You need a toolbox that is nice and sturdy. It should also have enough space for all the tools that follow. Big and small compartments work well for dividing screws, specific tools, and loose parts.

Claw hammer. This hammer is ideal for driving nails into walls as well as take them out.

Wrench. An adjustable wrench is ideal. The size of its jaw can be adjusted. This is very handy when dealing with different sized nuts and bolts.

Locking pliers. This is a gripping tool. You can use it to grip nuts, pipes, and other types of fixtures. It keeps your fingers and hands out of the way. Its jaw is adjustable so it is suitable for different sized objects.

Combination pliers. This is another gripping tool. It is good for gripping as well as turning and pulling. It is especially handy with gripping nails and keeping your fingers out of harm’s way.

Flashlight. Some projects might need you to go into dark corners or the roof. The flashlight will be handy for these areas.

Flathead screwdrivers. You need different sizes of these screwdrivers. They are used to work with slot-headed screws. They are a must-have in your toolbox.

Cross-head screwdrivers. They are another must-have. The most well-known of these are Phillips-head screwdrivers. They are used with cross-head screws.

Utility knife. This will come in handy more times than you can imagine. An absolute necessity for cutting wire tubing, felt, carpet, etc.

Tape measure. Get a retractable one that locks where you want it. Very important tool for measuring your project materials, etc.

We would add so many more things. Another necessity is obviously different sized screws and nails. This should get you started. Depending on your project you might need some job specific tools. Make sure you have all that is necessary.…